Loss Control

Our Loss Prevention Services

You may request loss prevention services, including an on-site loss prevention survey, at any time throughout your policy term. Some policies require a loss-prevention survey, based on a number of factors including policy premium size, class codes or prior survey results.

If you have requested a survey or if your policy requires it, one of Assigned Risk Solutions’ loss prevention consultants will contact you to set up an appointment shortly. During the survey, you can expect the surveyor to require an on-site visit of your business operations, which will include obtaining a description of the nature and size of your operations (all locations) and descriptions of all employees’ job duties. They will ask to review existing safety procedures and, if applicable, will review prior loss prevention survey results and recommendations to ensure compliance with those recommendations.

Once your survey is complete and the results have been returned to us, Assigned Risk Solutions will send you confirmation of completion and, if applicable, any recommendations that resulted from your survey. The recommendations notice will provide further instructions, if any, to remain in compliance with the terms and conditions of your policy.